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My new Birdies loafers are incredibly comfortable, even with my high arches.

<p>Real Simple / Tamara Staples</p>
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Real Simple / Tamara Staples

Besides my favorite pair of jeans or a swimsuit that will make me feel comfortable and: sure, my biggest shopping struggle always comes down to shoes. I have high arches that cause almost all ballet flats to slide off my feet. If I find a pair that I love, the shoes can’t seem to help but rub on the back of the heels. Alas, my struggle with shoes usually leaves me feeling like I can only hope that my one trusty pair of flats never wears out, or that my sneakers are my only best friends. But then I discovered Birdies.

Ever since I first heard about Birdies a few years ago, I’ve wanted to try a pair. I was afraid another pair of shoes wouldn’t work and would end up in my return pile to hold me back. But a few weeks ago I was talking to a Nordstrom shopper about the Birdies and she said they were the most comfortable pair of shoes she had ever owned. With such a glowing review, I swore it was high time I did finally try them.

<p>Real Simple / Tamara Staples</p>
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Real Simple / Tamara Staples

Buy. $130;

I lucked out when the brand offered to send me a sample pair of The Vesper loafers, which I received in my usual size 6 (the shoes are available in sizes 5 to 12). When my Birdies arrived, the first thing that struck me was the shape of the shoes. I’ve found that the arches of my feet stay better in loafers without slipping, and this pair checked that box right off the bat. I was also intrigued by the lovely soft pink suede, which looks like a cross between pink and purple and essentially feels “creamy soft” as the brand promises. Then there’s the sole of the shoe, which has a 10-millimeter heel and a rubber sole that prevents slipping both inside and out.

At first glance, it all seemed like a step. But I also meant my high-stakes shoe rule. If, from the moment I put on a pair of shoes, I feel like it’s not possible at its worst or not ready to hit the streets of New York at its best, I pass. Birdies had quite a lot to deliver, and the brand’s “7-layer cloud-like comfort on every foot” absolutely lived up to its hype. I was really surprised at how much support the insole offered and I immediately started walking around my house.

After reading reviews and talking to a few more people who own and love Birdies, I learned that shoes shape your feet over time. But Birdies also offers a 30-day fit guarantee, meaning the brand encourages you to try on your shoes and make sure they’re perfect. If they aren’t, you can return or exchange them, “no questions asked” within 30 days of purchase (except for special monogrammed items, of course).

To go back to my “high stakes shoe rule”, my Birdies fall right in the middle. They are absolutely comfortable and supportive, but I think they require a bit of a break-in period (they might not be for you if your feet aren’t prone to drama). I think they are well made, very cute and versatile, and totally worth the $130 price tag. Most important to me, Birdies stay— and for that they deserve publicity.

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