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DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Darke County is looking for help fixing FCC maps that affect broadband funding.

According to our colleagues at the Daily Advocate, the Darke County Board of Commissioners is asking citizens to help ensure the FCC’s maps are accurate.

Commissioner Larry Holmes said “the maps now show that Darke County has better coverage than it actually does.”

Leaving the map as it is now could leave the county with less funding than needed to help expand broadband access to Darke County residents.

To correct the map, residents can visit the FCC website here and follow these steps:

  • Enter your address in the search bar
  • Click on the gear in the white panel on the right
  • Make sure “All Wired and Licensed Fixed Wireless” is selected
  • Check that the information in the white panel is correct for your location
  • If the information is incorrect, click Location Challenge and fill out the pop-up form
  • Check that the white panel providers are delivering at the displayed internet speed
  • If it’s wrong, click “Challenge Accessibility” and select the wrong provider to complete the form. A separate form may be required for each individual supplier.

“The DeWine-Husted Administration’s priority is to connect Ohio households to essential broadband services, especially high-speed Internet,” according to the Broadband Ohio website. “There are many areas in this state where families do not have access to reliable high-speed Internet.”

This division of the Ohio Department of Development helps provide grants to service providers to help make expansion into these underserved areas affordable.

Any questions can be sent to [email protected] or you can visit the Broadband Ohio website here.



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