google. Google Asks Users About Their First Searches in 2023, Web Responds

The countdown to New Year 2023 has already begun around the world, so internet behemoth Google urged its users to share and discuss their first search on the search engine. The article quickly became popular on social networks, like previous Google products.

What will be your first Google search in 2023? The dominant search engine asked its followers on Twitter:

Because the tech behemoth is more famous than any other tech business, the post quickly caught on. within an hour it had over 350,000 views and over 2,000 likes. A growing number of people are expressing their preferences for what they want to look for in 2023 in the comments.

A man told how to become a millionaire without doing anything. Will Russia become a world power by the end of this year, another person asked.

Google products and services have not been a good experience for everyone. One user mentioned that he was trying to stop his Googling and that he was tired of Google sneaking into his personal affairs. Having just found out she had skin cancer, and while she was on her way home from the doctor, YouTube started playing ads for it. Something similar happened during a conversation with her therapist.


1. Which country does Google belong to?
Google is an American company.

2. Who is the CEO of google?
Sunder Pichai is the CEO of Google

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