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Screenshot taken from the video. Instagram/ @asiberiankitty:

Cats are undoubtedly one of the most cheerful and eccentric animals and love to play with anything that entertains them. They are also very quickly attracted to small movements or anything interesting that catches their attention. After dogs, cats are one of the most loved creatures and people love to treat their furry creatures with lots of love and care. Apart from being cute and adorable, cats also sometimes surprise and amuse people with their funny antics. One such video is currently making the rounds online, showing a cute cat playing a special game of Door Hockey with its owner.

The video was posted by the owner of the Siberian cat Luna, a popular Instagram page, and is a vivid proof of the cat’s playful actions.

In the video footage, a woman is seen kicking a strand of her hair through a gap under the door to the kitten on one side of the door. Immediately the cat kicks him back and then this goes on for several rounds. Along with this, we can also notice the cat’s paws sliding under the door and it tries to hit the hair tie.

Finally, the woman opens the door as well and finds Luna lying on the door, her hair tie focused on the door.


It is noteworthy that the woman also added a funny caption to the video, which reads: “Every time I go to the bathroom, the cat and I play door hockey.” He added: “He’s clearly winning.”

As soon as the video went viral, many took to the comments section to share their reactions to the adorable cat and his antics.

One of the users wrote: “The cat reveal was so important,” while another commented, “This cat is so smart. he trained you to play floor hockey in the bathroom.’

“Omg this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen,” wrote a third user.

So far, the video has garnered several views and has also garnered thousands of likes and several comments.

Speaking of the cat, the Instagram handle mentions that Luna is a Siberian Forest cat that was rescued in 2020 and lives in Washington DC with her owner.

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