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Anyone who dares to dive into the blue sea knows that there is a chance of encountering sharks. However, for some, spearfishing and a love of swimming are too tempting to keep them on land. The three videos we highlight in this article are the most popular great white shark videos featured on our site this year.

In this first one, you get a GoPro view of the man as he sits on the edge of his ship, spear gun in hand. He slides into the murky blue water and approaches some rocks. He is completely blinded by a great white shark coming from the left. His underwater screams are chilling.

The shark moves away from him when he notices this, but comes back curiously aggressive. The man’s muffled screams break through and the shark is sharply to the left as it approaches. After swimming just a few feet, it disappears into the cloudiness of the water. Watch the full interview and learn more about this man’s experience at the link below.

In this next clip, a kid is enjoying time on a boogie board, not realizing that a great white shark is lurking just a few feet behind him. It seems to be deeper underwater at first, and as it approaches the boy, it moves closer to the surface. This is an incredible aerial shot of a shocking match. luckily the boy was none the wiser and didn’t panic.

As far as he was concerned, it was just a great day on the water. The shark gets so close that the boy’s spray reaches the shark’s nose. Just as a shark swims up to him, loses interest and swims away. Watch the full video and appreciate how big this shark is compared to the guy below.

This latest encounter is a little different. Colossus is the shark in this video, and the interaction, although facilitated by humans, shows sharks hunting seals. The video explains how great whites have adapted to being out of the water to hone their hunting skills.

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The team states that they don’t know if Colossus knows how to breach. The team uses a dummy on site to see how Colossus behaves. Watch the spectacular moment Colossus leaps out of the water. These surprise attacks are a great way for great whites to hunt down their prey. The video shows the moment in slow motion so you can fully appreciate the power of the shark. Check it out at the link below.

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