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For anyone who has ever worn a bra, it’s a burning question. attach it to the front of the body, then screw it into place or clip it when it’s done. in place?

A no-nonsense British underwear expert got to the heart of the matter, and it seems most of us got it wrong.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE. An underwear specialist shows the correct way to wear a bra.

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Kelly, a worker at Janice Rose Underwear in Nottingham, took to TikTok to try to settle the matter once and for all.

The fully clothed sales assistant shared a video of herself trying on a bra in a number of conventional ways before demonstrating the correct method.

At first, Kelly pulls it over her head and pulls it off before saying “No, no, no.”

Kelly tries to “climb” into the bra. Credit: Jam Press Vid/Janice Rose Underwear

Next, she tries to climb into the bra before confirming again that this is not true.

The expert then uses the usual method of fastening the bra back to front with the clasps before pulling it into place before saying “No, no, no” again.

Kelly fastens the bra in the front, then pulls it into place. Credit: Jam Press Vid/Janice Rose Underwear

Finally, she demonstrates the “proper” method of securing intimate clothing.

Kelly shows the bra already on, the back unfastened, before bending over awkwardly and putting her hands behind her back to fasten it.

Kelly demonstrates the end result of the “correct” way to wear a bra: fastening it in the back. Credit: Jam Press Vid/Janice Rose Underwear

The hilarious video has gone viral, garnering 7.4 million views and 150,000 likes.

Viewers also flocked to have their say, with many teasingly calling Kelly “Janice,” after the store and its founder, Janice Holmes.

Front to back

Most commentators took exception to what they saw as the relatively difficult “pin it in place” method.

Many assumed that pinning in the front and then twisting around was the method.

A man said: “Janice, I’m physically unable to do it the last way, so it’s a ‘No, no, no’ from me.”

“Well Janice some of us can’t do that,” commented another user.

Another said: “Don’t ‘no, no, no’ me, Janice. Second to last is always correct.”

“No, that’s the hardest way to put it,” insisted another viewer.

Another added: “I have no eyes in my head.”

“I don’t have the mental skills to backstab,” joked another.

Life extension

Meanwhile, the real Janice has a few words for critics about the “correct” bra fit.

“Our TikTok video shows a back bra that needs to be fastened at the back to stop the strap underneath from pulling,” explained Janice Holmes.

“This is in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and is intended to extend the life of the bra.”

Janice outlined “other styles of bras without back fasteners,” which she says really need to be pulled over the head.

“These fabrics are designed to pull and stretch,” she said, but added, “the bust support won’t be as great.”

With Ria Newman

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