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Sharmista Ghosh, who has an MA in English literature, quit her job at the British Council and opened a tea stall in Delhi’s Gopinath Bazaar.

Sharmisa Ghosh quit her job at the British Council and opened a tea stall in Delhi’s Gopinath Bazaar. (Photo: LinkedIn/Brigadier Sanjay Khanna)

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

In the last five years, startups have gained momentum in India. Many had quit their jobs to become entrepreneurs. Sharmista Ghosh, who holds an MA in English Literature, is one of the young inspiring entrepreneurs who decided to pursue her dream. Sharmista quit her job at the British Council and opened a tea stall in Delhi’s Gopinath Bazar.

Sharmistha’s story was shared by retired Indian Army Brigadier Sanjay Khanna on LinkedIn. According to the post, Sharmista dreams of growing up like Chaios. “I was interested and I asked him about the reason for this. She mentioned that she has a vision and a dream to make it as big as Chayos, the popular tea that is everywhere,” Khanna wrote alongside a photo of Sharmista.

“She stated her name was Sharmista Ghosh, a PhD student in English literature and also worked at the British Council Library until she left to follow her dream,” he wrote.

“His friend Bhavna Rao, who works with Lufthansa, is also a joint partner in running this small Chai stall. Moreover, as of now, he is providing extra wages to his house help because he has employed her at a tea stall. They gather in the evening and operate from a small temporary structure and go back. »

“One must have the passion and integrity to work towards the realization of one’s dream to make it come true. I have come across many highly qualified young people who are in desperation and looking for a job suitable for their professional age. This message reaches them. I strongly feel that one should not keep thinking about high qualifications and decent jobs, but think about small ways and means to achieve and flourish in the long run,” said Khanna.

While many appreciated Khanna’s post on social media, several on social media were not impressed.

“I totally agree with you that no job is too big or too small and it’s important to have a dream and a passion to pursue it. Sharmista Ghosh and Bhavna Rao’s story is truly inspiring and shows that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. It’s great to see them not only chasing their dream but also giving opportunities to others like domestic help,” a LinkedIn user commented on Khanna’s post.

“I don’t understand this combination…an English graduate starts his chai thela like this…he could have used his education in teaching…but fine if his dream was to open a food chain but why wait till after PG. and then do other work/good work.. and on top of that you are promoting UNORGANIZED business.. (thela business is unorganized business which is not good for the country’s economy) commented one user.

“Smart English Speaker”. many many non-english speaking shi stall vendors also have similar dreams and work hard but not as much as i think. Good luck to him,” another user wrote.

Another user commented: “For women whose family is not financially dependent on them, they can easily take such a step. But whose family is economically dependent on them, cannot make such concessions. Yes, people will show sympathy, but not money.”

Publication Date: January 16, 2023 10:46 AM IST



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