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The video was taken at Sumner High School, a public school in Florida.

Needless to say, dance is a beautiful way to express your ideas and feelings. What’s more, it’s just so much fun to dance to your heart’s content. Every day many dance videos are shared on the internet and this time an incredible dance between a teacher and his student at a school is creating a buzz on social media sites. The video was taken at Sumner High School, a public school in Florida.

The 38-second clip was posted online by Natalie McClain, the school’s assistant principal. He captioned the video like this: “Our 8th grade stingrays are having a well deserved exam dance break. Of course, our teachers end 2022 with victory. Love my Stingrays Happy Holidays @HCPS_SumnerHS.”

Watch the video here.

The video opens to show the teenage boy showing off some incredible dance moves as he challenges his teacher to a dance battle, signaling her by clapping. To the surprise of the other students in the hall, the teacher breaks into the dance. The second the teacher steps up with some cool moves, the crowd goes wild for his unexpected talent.

The video has garnered more than 8.2 million views, more than 32,000 retweets, and the comments section is full of heart emojis and helpful feedback. Netizens appreciated the teacher for such a helpful gesture and for interacting with her students in a fun and positive way.

One of the users wrote: “This is just one of the many POSITIVE things students will remember about their teachers and school. School should never feel like punishment, but a place of community, growth, learning, laughter and love. BRAVO! Another commented: “Teachers like this don’t earn enough or don’t get the credit they deserve. They are priceless.” The third said: “Madam. Turner! Love him! One of the best teachers in this area.”

The fourth repeated the same and said: “Good teachers are the absolute best. Throughout my life, teachers have unknowingly contributed to any success I have enjoyed. What a great video!” The fifth wrote: “I watched this about 30 times so I could see each student’s reaction when the teacher started dancing.” Another added: “It’s lovely. This is how you study. If the environment is right, learning happens and definitely when it’s fun.”

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