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Screenshot taken from the video. Instagram/@james_tang_123

Every corner of this world is filled with talented people, although not everyone is lucky enough to give wings to their talent or have the opportunity to be in the public eye. One such talent has now caught the attention of the internet and is already winning a few hearts. A small boy from a small African village was seen playing a drum with nothing but a few vessels, sticks and scrap metal. Yes, you heard right. Flashing an infectious smile, the boy looked very proud of his talent and left us impressed.

A video shared on Instagram by a user named James Tang rightly demonstrates how you can easily “make something out of nothing” and still be impressive and effective. Speaking of which, the little boy and his musical skills have already taken the internet by storm.

As the video aired, the boy, who couldn’t afford a real drum, was able to create his own instrument out of junk and later rigged it up to resemble a drum kit. He then sits on the vessel and enthusiastically beats the vessel to produce music. While the people around him cheered him on and enjoyed his performance, the boy also gave his best.


As soon as the video surfaced, many flooded the comments section with reactions of support for the little boy. Some also expressed their desire to help the boy in getting a new drum.

One user wrote: “Talent needs a chance” while another wrote: “Let’s collect and shop for her…”.

The owner of the video entered the comment section and gave details about the boy. He wrote: “This baby lives in rural Cameroon in Central West Africa. I shot this video years ago, I lived there for three years. I remembered it was on a trip with a friend to the countryside. Cameroon met this talented and lovely kid but never saw him again, I hope one day when he grows up he can get his own good drum set. He told her that love and passion for something can literally conquer anything. And happiness is free. God bless this lovely baby.”

So far, the post has garnered thousands of views and likes.

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