A Labrador Vacuum Removes a Puppy That Has the Internet in Stitches

A video of a dog cleaning up a small amount of poo from a vacuum cleaner has gone viral after it went viral.

In a viral video shared on TikTok, which can be seen here, user rockydogtok showed a small French bulldog barking and seemingly attacking a vacuum cleaner that a woman was using to clean dust under a Christmas tree.

The clip, titled ‘when your big sister takes your **** off’, then showed the larger black labrador calmly walking towards the French bulldog to retrieve the crown and remove it from the premises.

Stock image of a dog and a vacuum cleaner. The dog picked up and carried away the seemingly full poo.

Since being shared on December 24, the video has been viewed more than 5 million times and has garnered nearly 661,700 likes.

Many commenters on the video were quick to praise the Labrador’s handling of the situation.

TikTok user bexedmybeloved said: “Dogs being annoyed by other dogs and dealing with it themselves is my favorite thing to watch in action.”

Texas Daiquiris added: “She caught him like that’s fine. That’s enough. Shut up.”

Woogli wrote: “A good way to tell him he’s giving them a headache.”

Vixen Fluffy Paws commented:

User Rockydogtok later explained the little French bulldog’s behavior, adding: “Lord knows we’re all sick of his vacuum obsession. He attacks it even on the charger. He just did what we all wanted him to do.”

According to pet website PetBarn.au, there are several reasons why dogs may be afraid of vacuum cleaners. These include the lack of exposure to loud noise, which they may perceive as threatening and assume that it may start to attack them; a bad experience, for example, a dog was shocked by a vacuum cleaner, which in turn can turn into a phobia; timid temperament, as some breeds may be more shy or nervous around vacuum cleaners. Drive instinct can also play a role with some dogs who may assert their herding instinct and view the vacuum as a disobedient animal.

Newsweek rockydogtok has been contacted for comment.

According to other videos circulating online, vacuum cleaners seem to be a source of turmoil for pets… but also joy.

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