Intel Core i7-12800HX 16-core (Alder Lake-HX) CPU has already been tested

Mobile Intel Alder Lake CPU now needs a chipset

Although it has only been a day since Intel announced its HX series of 16-core Alder Lake mobile processors for enthusiasts, the first review has already been published on Chinese social media platform by Golden Pig Upgrade Pack team.

Intel Alder Lake-HX is a spiritual successor to Tiger Lake-H45, but only for one reason. Unlike Alder Lake-P silicon which comes with the integrated chipset, the HX series require additional silicon for I / O (HM670 chipset). This chipset expands the number of PCIe lanes for GPU, storage and peripherals.

The CPU HX alone has 16 Gen5 lanes for the GPU and 4 lanes for Gen4 SSD. This is further expanded by 16 Gen4 lanes and 12 Gen3 lanes by the chipset. This is illustrated by the following photo, which also shows NVIDIA GN20-E6 GPU (RTX 3070 Ti):

Intel Alder Lake-HX Laptop, Source: Golden Pig Upgrade Pack

Since this is the first time where we get to see the HX CPU up close, one might wonder if there are any changes to the package compared to desktop silicon. The BGA package (which is the same size as LGA), is 2.2 mm thinner and, as confirmed by the photo, some capacitors are located elsewhere. However, the placement of the CPU die appears to be in the exact same location.

Intel Alder Lake 8 + 8 silicons, Source: Various

The review features two identical Lenovo Y9000P gaming laptops with the same GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GPU (125-150W TGP) and the same memory configuration (DDR5-4800). The comparison includes Intel Core i7-12700H (14-core Alder Lake-P) CPU and Core i7-12800HX (Alder Lake-HX), which is a 16-core processor.

Should one look at the ADL-H and ADL-HX lineups separately, though, both would be found in the middle of their own stacks. What is worth noting though, the 12700H has PL1 and PL2 (power limits) set to 115W and 135W, whereas the 12800HX is set to 125W and 175W respectively.

The 12800HX CPU offers nearly identical single-core performance in CPU-bound tests, while multi-threaded score is 15% higher on average.

Intel Core i7-12800HX vs i7-12700H in CPU Tests, Source: Golden Pig Upgrade Pack

Gaming does not show any significant improvements, both SKUs perform about the same, there is only 2.56% difference in favor of the HX variant for premium (AAA) titles.

Intel Core i7-12800HX vs i7-12700H in Gaming Tests, Source: Golden Pig Upgrade Pack

The reviewer goes through many other tests, but for those, make sure to check the link below.

Intel 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” Mobile Series
VideoCardz Cores / Threads P-Cores E-Cores Max Boost GPU Cores PBP / MTP
i9-12950HX (vPRO)
i7-12850HX (vPRO)
i5-12600HX (vPRO)

Source: Golden Pig Upgrade Pack

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