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Greninja, originally introduced to the Pokemon world as part of Gen VI, in Pokemon X: and: Y:, has proven to be one of the most popular pocket monsters ever. What a pretentious frog-gecko thing that is. And now, thanks to the upcoming tera raid event over the weekend, it will be there Scarlett: and: Violet as one of the seven star raids shown.

Starting on January 27th and ending on January 29th, you’ll have the last weekend of the month to try and find your way into an online raid to fight Greninja. It will be Poison Tera Type and it will reach level 100 with that seven star powerful goodness. All you need to do is have three other friends, or organize an online raid that doesn’t involve three idiots walking in with their Magikarp and Scatterbug friends.

It’s all part of it Scarlett: and: Violet“Regular weekend events where special Pokémon that aren’t part of the games” Pokédex can be added to your teams in no time. And if it’s like last weekend, if you miss an upcoming weekend, there’s probably another one in a month. But we don’t know for sure, so don’t get complacent.

like the charizards (pregnant) the game previously featured in its special weekend tera raids, Greninja plays with the “most powerful token”, meaning you can only catch one of them per save file. Since it is special, cf.

Why is Greninja so special? Well, that’s the ultimate form of one of them XY:‘s starters, Froakie, which always brings some heat. Add to this that in the anime, Ash had one as a member of his team that had the deceptive Battle Bond ability, meaning it could fuse its consciousness with Ash’s to form the imaginatively named Ash-Greninja, half-Ash, half pokemon monstrosity that was to be killed by fire.

There was then many contradictions when Ash unleashed his Greninja and until much later the reunion was not revealed by Ash-Greninja Brundlefly. But will it appear in the process? Ash’s last 11 episodes in the anime? Honestly, I couldn’t be bothered.

But still, catch a big blue frog some weekend.

Updated: 01/16/23, 10:12 am ET. This article originally stated incorrectly that you cannot breed omnipotent Mark Pokemon. This mistake was made because John is an idiot.



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