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We’re talking about the hinge, of course

The Galaxy Z Fold series consists of Samsung’s most sophisticated smartphones, some of the best phones you can buy. Being foldable, the phone not only needs to pack a screen that can be bent, but also needs to make sure that it can be reliably folded and unfolded without damaging itself. As such, the Fold has had to iterate through some cracking and cracking growing pains, but we may see some relief from these pains with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 if some new leaks coming out of South Korea are to be believed.


Naver reports from sources that Samsung’s next foldable phablet will include a new hinge. This is a Samsung design that was patented in 2016. our sister site Pocketnow covered it at the time, but didn’t actually use it until now, maybe because something prevented it from being implemented properly. SamMobile speculates that the company may have wanted to retain the IPX8 water resistance if it introduced a new hinge.

The design of the component will allow the device to be fully folded with no gap between the top and bottom halves of the screen when closed, something all its predecessors have been unable to do.

Schematics from the patent show that the hinge itself would also allow the panel to rest in a teardrop-shaped bend in its middle while in the closed position, similar to the Moto Razr, which could reduce the stress placed on that part of the screen. and reducing any chance of wrinkles.

We’ll have to wait a few more months before we see what the Galaxy Z Fold 5 looks like. We hope it gives the Oppo Find N a run for its money. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23 series remains our focus for now.


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