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Are you setting a budget or is the sky the limit?

Last week, a tweet from YouTube’s Marques Brownlee went viral suggesting that smartphone makers should focus less on budget devices and more on providing updates to their existing flagships. I’m not going to go too deep into my disagreements with Twitter. you can hear it on this week’s Android Police podcast, but I think it’s interesting to suggest people buy more expensive devices. Devices are more expensive than ever, and prices only seem to be rising.


Fortunately, as MKBHD suggests, software support is getting better with longer updates. The vast majority of modern Samsung smartphones, including the A-series, receive four software updates and five years of security updates. OnePlus is set to start offering a similar level of support with upcoming phones, likely starting with the OnePlus 11 next month. Google can’t quite measure up, promising “at least” three updates with five years of patches for its Tensor-powered phones. Indeed, Motorola is the flagship for the big US brands, but it’s also typically focused on cheaper devices rather than flagships.

With that level of support, it’s possible that people will feel more comfortable spending more money on smartphones. Of course, with many budget and mid-range phones seeing similar levels of durability, and prices for groceries, rentals, and other necessities, it’s also possible that we’ve seen a drop in willingness to pay four figures. a smartphone in general.

Three years ago, we asked what would be the most you’d spend on a smartphone, and nearly half of respondents chose a price between $400 and $800. Seeing as most flagship Android phones no longer fit in that price range, I’m curious to see how people feel now. Are you willing to spend more than a fortune on a new device, or would you rather limit your spending and pick up a mid-range phone from Samsung or Google? To keep it simple, this is the end of the device’s life, even during carrier-financed years, and the final bill includes any discounts or promotions.


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