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USDA expands eligibility and improves benefits for disaster programs

USDA has made several updates to various conservation, livestock and crop disaster assistance programs to enable more farmers, ranchers and tribes to take advantage of them.

Ease of access is especially important after natural disasters. The Farm Service Agency has expanded eligibility and expanded available benefits for its suite of programs. The updates will provide critical assistance to manufacturers who need to rebuild and recover after catastrophic losses of production and infrastructure due to natural disasters.

USDA has updated the Emergency Conservation Program, Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Bees and Farmed Fish, Livestock Forage Disaster Program, Livestock Compensation Program and Uninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program.

“As I’ve been meeting with growers across the country, I’ve gained a better understanding of how our programs work and how they can be improved to better support all growers,” said Zach Duchenneau, FSA Administrator. “Especially those who are rebuilding.”

Source: USDA



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