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The numbers come from’s 2022 Gaming Statistics report, which evaluates things like console costs and service prices.

As well as determining the “best value console” according to their metrics (that’s the Xbox One S), they also report on the five best performing consoles. You can see their numbers below, with the Nintendo Switch leading the way.



Average monthly energy consumption (kWh)

Average monthly cost of energy (£)


Nintendo Switch

1.52 kWh

0.52 pounds


Nintendo Switch OLED

2.20 kWh

0.75 pounds


Xbox Series S:

15.12 kWh

5.14 pounds



15.13 kWh

5.14 pounds


Xbox One S

15.33 kWh

5.21 pounds

The organization writes:

“With the majority of gamers (56%) reducing their gaming time in the last year to save on energy costs, Nintendo Switch (£0.52 per month) owners can rest easy knowing their console is 90% more cost-effective than the most efficient . Xbox and Playstation models, Xbox Series S and PS4 respectively (£5.14 per month).

Power efficiency is a key factor when looking to buy a console for nearly one in five (17.47%) gamers, ahead of backwards compatibility (17.27%), console design (17.27%) and available add-ons (8%). »

The full study can be found online at Uswitch.


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