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The world’s first hearing aid equipped with xMEMS solid-state speakers is coming soon. This hearing aid adopts the xMEMS Labs True MEMS speaker “Montara” by EDOM Technology, which can provide high-level hearing aid sound quality with “high fidelity, full-range sound and low total harmonic distortion (THD)”. This product will be demonstrated by DIGISINE ENERGYTECH, a subsidiary of DIGIMAX INNOVATIVE Group, together with xMEMS at the Consumer Electronics Show in the USA on January 5, 2023 (Venetian Hotel, Suite 29-317), and will also appear in the showroom. market Taiwan’s “DIGIBIONIC HEARING AIDS, MedFirst, Mecome, yeschain (Medical Equipment Sales Channels)” and “Ago (, MOMO, PChome, Yahoo! (online shopping platform)”. and other online shopping channels on January 1, 2023.

Mimitakara’s ‘6EB Active Hearing Aid’ is the industry leader and the first to adopt ‘True MEMS Speakers’. Developed using a high precision, high consistency semiconductor process, the MEMS speaker is the world’s first IP-58 waterproof and dustproof speaker. When compared to traditional coil-based speaker architectures, the Montara’s superior high-frequency response, lack of in-mass resonance peaks, and 15 dB of gain above 1 kHz make it an ideal speaker for addressing high-frequency hearing loss and improving speech intelligibility in noise. Montara’s vented speaker diaphragm puts no pressure on the ear canal, resulting in reduced fatigue, along with increased long-term wear and listening comfort. This innovative MEMS approach has also produced the world’s fastest and most accurate µspeakers by eliminating the spring and suspension recovery of coil speakers, which improves sound quality and sound field reproduction. The built-in Montara 6EB Active Hearing Aid with excellent performance will allow users to enjoy an ultra-high-level listening experience.

The successful launch of Mimitakara’s 6EB Active Hearing Aid is due to the joint efforts of DIGISINE ENERGYTECH, DIGIBIONIC HEARING AIDS and EDOM Technology.

The manufacturer “DIGISINE ENERGYTECH” ( is a local company in Taiwan. After starting with green energy, it has focused on R&D and manufacturing of hearing aids and other medical equipment in recent years. With 32 patented technologies, it has won the National Innovation and Invention Research Award many times and has been exported to Japan, Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other regions. Digibionic LIFESTYLE CO., LTD is a major system integration and marketing player. ( brand “Digibionic Hearing Aids” has a vision to create a “world without hearing impairment”. There are 43 stores all over Taiwan, and its corporate headquarters located in Yilan Science Park is on its way to being the “Largest Hearing Medical Promotion and Hearing Aid Manufacturing Center in Southeast Asia”. The key component “xMEMS Solid State Speaker” is supplied by EDOM Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 1996. It is the best electronic component agent and solution provider in Asia. Global ODM/OEM customers and original factories provide first-class services and solutions. EDOM Technology has been deeply involved in various application fields for many years, leading the trend. Product applications include wearables/wearables, wired/wireless communication, Internet of Things, automotive, robotics, medical, industrial control, computers and various types of electronic products, with deep technical expertise in optoelectronics, digital, analog. , mixed signal, etc., provide comprehensive services and solutions and can serve as the best bridge for communication between OEMs, customers and partners. For more information, visit


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