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The agency now takes funding from other programs to fill the gap for seniors and renters with property tax needs.

Carlos Holder refuses to move from his neighborhood. Holder said:

“You see, they got everybody out,” Holder said.

He says that the costs have increased.

“Property taxes are like paying your house bill again,” Holder said.

That’s why the Metropolitan Action Committee has been busy. Within three months, it consumed their entire budget of $475,000 for those one-time emergency needs, according to spokeswoman Lisa McCready.

“Where you and I can get some other resources, families with limited resources, they don’t have that option,” McCready said.
“So we felt like where else can we tighten our belts, so to speak, so we can get out of this situation?”

They are now raising $2.5 million from other initiatives to help an additional 700 people.

“Here in Davidson County, there is an issue of affordability and affordability. It’s a short-term fix to what we feel is a bigger problem,” McCready said.

Alexis Dixon knows the problem all too well.

“If you own a house and you have to leave for a minute, but you can come back, the rent is $900 or $1,000,” Dixon said, “Then every month they want $1,500. I feel like they want this space because there are people. Coming to Nashville from California and New York.”

Alexis is experiencing homelessness and doesn’t know what to do next.

“Everybody lives on top of each other,” Dixon said, “As far as rental assistance goes, we need it.”

If you submitted an application when they ran out of money, the Metro Operations Commission still has it. They also accept new applications. Apply here or call 615-862-8860.

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