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Deepkamal Kaur:

Jalandhar, January 14

Everyone in town who knew Chaudhary Santokh Singh also knew that he was a fitness freak who took good care of his health. They still cannot believe that he had a heart attack and suddenly left them like this.

Even though he was 76 years old, he made sure he was in the gym regularly. He was the first visitor of the day at the private gym near his home in many years at 4.30am. Almost a year ago, her son Vikramjit Chaudhary started a gym for himself and his family at their home.

Chaudhary Santokh Singh MP

Vikramjit said his father had no history of heart disease. “My father was neither diabetic nor hypertensive. He had regular medical check-ups. He was also particular about his diet and never ate outside food.” Family members said his wife Karamjit Kaur was so conscious of her husband’s health that she would neatly pack all his food and fruits whenever he left for any tour. “We haven’t seen him take any biscuits, soda or extra tea,” a party adviser said.

In a conversation with reporters, Vikramjit became emotional, saying: “My father would not have died this way if the ambulance that took him to the hospital had been equipped with high-powered defibrillators to resuscitate patients in cardiac arrest.”


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