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The leaker claims that the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S23 cannot be determined at this time due to the raised concerns about the price of the upcoming smartphones. Directory: @TheGalox_ suggested a “mid-February to late-February” time window for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra to launch, but nothing more specific than that date range was given, though it went on to say it would be “worth the wait.”

According to the same source, this indecision to announce (or leak) a specific date is due to “price determination”. Undoubtedly, this is a complex process for any company involved in the launch of a major product, but it is especially so in the fiercely competitive and crowded smartphone market. Apple launched its latest iPhone 14 lineup, with the entry-level model starting at $799, which Samsung may feel obligated to match with the standard Galaxy S23 model.

Apart from suggesting a reason for the potential delay, the leaker also posted the Samsung Galaxy S23 price tags that they would choose. The Galaxy S23 starts at US$799, the Galaxy S23+ starts at US$899, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra starts at US$1,199. This is an optimistic suggestion, as it would mean the S23 and S23 Ultra match their predecessor’s launch prices, while the S23+ would be $100 cheaper than the Galaxy S22+ at launch ($999).

With the Xiaomi 13 series being very aggressive for the Chinese domestic market at 3,999 yuan (US$573) for the regular model and 6,299 yuan (US$903) for the Xiaomi 13 Pro, it is clear that Samsung is under attack. from both sides of the smartphone market: Android and iOS. Multiple reports have blamed the OEM for cost-cutting with the Galaxy S23 series, but that in turn could lead to 2023 flagships being launched at less exorbitant prices.

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