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BOCA RATON, FL. – Researchers at Florida Atlantic University are developing a device that can treat pain without the dangers of addictive drugs.

Dr. Julie Pilitsis, dean and vice president for medical affairs at Schmidt College of Medicine, is working with a non-invasive therapeutic technique that directs ultrasound waves to specific areas of the body where nerves have been damaged.

The idea is to change the way the nerves fire and in turn relieve pain.

“And it worked great. We did some preliminary studies that showed we could use a three-minute treatment with this device to provide 30 days of pain relief,” Pilitsis said.

FAU is one of seven institutions nationally selected to receive funding from the National Institutes of Health for innovative pilot projects for new medical devices.

Also in today’s health news, a new cross-sectional study found that people who regularly took vitamin D supplements were less likely to develop melanoma, a form of skin cancer, than those who did not take supplements.

The researchers’ analysis also determined that the risk of melanoma was significantly reduced in those who took vitamin D supplements compared to those who did not.

Despite the implications, the study authors and experts recommend following national guidelines for vitamin D supplementation and caution that maintaining vitamin D levels on your own is unlikely to prevent or treat melanoma.

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