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“Liverpool” head coach Jurgen Klopp is a fan of Lionel Messi. An old video of Klopp has surfaced again, where the German reveals that he only took one selfie on his smartphone, that of “Lionel Messi”.

“I have one selfie on my smartphone,” the German said during a special Q&A at the premiere of the LFC Foundation Gala Dinner in 2018. “It’s with Messi. Cristiano was also in the room…”.

In 2020, the Liverpool coach made his choice clear as to why Lionel Messi is a better football player than Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Messi for me, but I couldn’t admire Ronaldo more than I already do,” he told YouTube channel freekickerz after being asked who he liked.

“The explanation is as follows. we’ve played against both before, and both are nearly impossible to defend against. But Messi has much lower physical requirements after birth.

“If you could picture yourself as a perfect player, it would be Ronaldo’s height, he could jump and run as high or as fast as Ronaldo can. And on top of that is his total attitude, it’s absolutely perfect and professional, it couldn’t be better.”

“And on the other side is little Messi who makes everything so simple. And so I like him maybe a little bit more as a player on the field. But Cristiano is also an absolutely incredible player,” added Klopp.

“It’s really difficult, therefore, but what they both have in common is that they’ve both made their mark for a long time.

“There are also some young players who have similar potential, but to do it in this period is even more improbable.”



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