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Here’s how to get started creating your own illustrations in the palm of your hand on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

With drawing apps widely available on smartphones, you don’t need high-end devices or specialized graphics tablets to create digital art. Let’s see how you can create your own pictures and paintings anytime at home or even in your favorite cafe or park with the Clip Studio Paint drawing app.

What can you draw on a smartphone?

Custom painting apps offer more than just simple brushes and filters; you can use layers, fluidize and 3D models, create webtoons and comics, or even animate. While some apps have limitations compared to their desktop counterparts, Clip Studio Paint offers all the features of a fully functional desktop software in one mobile app. Just pick up your smartphone and install the Clip Studio Paint app to draw, paint or create illustrations in an instant.

DownloadClip Studio Paint for Android | iOS (free for up to 3 months, subscription available)

How to create an illustration on your smartphone

  1. Open the app and tap Start start drawing one hour a day for free or tap Register subscribe to an unlimited plan.
  2. On the home screen, tap one of the canvas-sized templates to create a new project.
  3. The canvas will open.
  4. Drag on the canvas with your finger or pen to draw.

Tool change

Double-tap the tool icons to open the tool selection area and select a new brush. You can use pencils, watercolor brushes, oil paint brushes, and unique embellishment brushes like sparkles or patterns.

Use the sliders on the left to adjust the size and opacity of your chosen brush.

Changing the color of the brush

Use the color icons at the bottom left to change the color of the drawing.

Select a new color from the color palette and tap OK.

You can also long press to switch between the eyeshadow and pick colors from the canvas.

Using layers

Layers are a digital art feature that you can use for more complex drawings. For example, you can draw lines and colors on separate layers for easier editing later. You can create your drawing on a single layer or tap the layers icon to add and manage layers to your drawing.

Exporting your drawing

Just tap the button to export your finished image to your photo gallery Save icon in the lower command bar. You can also share your work directly via social media Quick access palette >: Quick Share: order

How much does Clip Studio Paint cost?

Although you have to pay to access all of Clip Studio Paint’s features, the plans are very versatile and cater to most users. Plus, you’ll get one hour free on your smartphone every day, or the first three months free if you sign up for Clip Studio Paint. You can start enjoying Clip Studio Paint from $0.99 per month.


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