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HOLDEN, Maine (WABI) – Officers with the Holden Police Department will soon be carrying a new device designed to make getting into a car easier and safer in case of an emergency.

Shatterballs, as they are called, were designed by Joe Johnson of Minnesota.

The Shatterball is the first of several products it offers that give first responders easy access to the vehicle.

We were there on Wednesday when the department tried them out for the first time.

The officer chooses the window, throws the Shater ball from a comfortable distance, and it should shatter.

If you’ve ever played darts, it’s very similar.

“We don’t have a lot of opportunities where we have to worry about a car being broken into, but there are times when someone is inside the car and the car is locked for whatever reason. It could be a child who is accidentally locked inside the car and is unable to open the car. It could be someone who has a medical condition. The Shatterball allows us to safely enter that vehicle quickly and without potentially harming the passenger,” explained Holden Police Chief Chris Greley.

The department currently has two Shatterballs, but they hope to purchase several more.

They got the idea after seeing another police department using them.

Greely says they may be the first police department in Maine to use them.


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