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The new menu view will make it easier to manage your smart home devices

The Google Home app has gotten more and more sophisticated over the years as it’s grown with more smart home device control features, including additional support for the company’s Nest brand of devices. To address this issue, Google announced a redesigned Home app that became available to members of the Public Preview Program in October. The overhaul also includes a Google Home app for Wear OS 3 smartwatches that lets you control your smart home devices from your wrist. Following public feedback, Google is rolling out an update to the Google Home Wear OS app with performance improvements and simpler navigation.


This update to the Google Home app for Wear OS 3, which is still in testing, introduces a new list view that makes it easier for those with smaller smart home networks to access and control their devices, think those who live in apartments or short term rentals etc.

It allows them to directly see the status of a connected device and control it without having to navigate through the app to the group of devices in the room where it is located. Given the small screen size of smartwatches, fewer touches are always welcome, and this change definitely helps improve the overall user experience.

Google says the new list view will appear if you have 10 or more devices. Additionally, you can now manage devices that are connected to you but not yet separated in the home.

In addition to the new view, there are speed and performance improvements that should make managing smart home devices faster.

These improvements will roll out to members of the Google Home Public Preview Program over the next few days. The company also encourages users to continue providing feedback as it helps refine the app further.


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