George Santos will face multiple investigations after blatant lies

Well, that was quick.

New York Republican-elect George Santos, who I like to call “the king of the hat,” or in other words, a prolific liar, has been at the center of recent news stories highlighting his campaign antics. trail

Now, those lies, along with allegations of financial impropriety, have federal investigators and a New York prosecutor investigating him before he has even served a day in Congress.

For those who haven’t been following, Santos has had to admit lies about being a college graduate, working at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, and being Jewish. Despite all this, he refused to give up his seat.

And now a CNN report released Wednesday appears to have won Santos over even more lies.

Santos claimed to have attended the Horace Mann School, an elite New York prep school, but the school told CNN there was no record of Santos’ attendance. The report also said Santos lied about his grandparents surviving the Holocaust and that he once tried to raise money using a surname he falsely claimed his grandparents had changed to avoid Nazi persecution. : (CNN said the Santos campaign did not respond to a request for comment.)

On Thursday, the Nassau County District Attorney, which is part of Santos’ congressional district, announced an investigation into potential crimes Santos may have committed by lying to donors and potential voters. The DA, Ann Donnelly, said the “numerous falsehoods and inconsistencies … are nothing short of astounding,” and she vowed to prosecute if warranted. In addition, a law enforcement source told NBC News that federal prosecutors are looking into Santos’ finances, questions that stem in part from a large donation he himself made during his campaign. (A spokesman for Santos did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

Questions abound about George Santos, if that is even his real name, at the federal level and in New York. With that in mind, I have one in particular. will the real george santos please stand up? Or is it better to give up?

On Wednesday, guest “ReidOut” host Jonathan Capehart profiled Santos’ opponent in last month’s election, former Democratic Rep. Robert Zimmerman, in a segment that discussed the possibility of more investigations into Santos and his finances. Check it out!

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