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Debbie Gibson believes she’s avoided a lot of drama thanks to her parents.

“I’m very lucky because I had my mom and dad,” the “Lost in Your Eyes” singer tells Page Six exclusively. “I spoke to my dad last night and he’s one of my favorite people in the world and I have a great relationship with him.”

Since the ’80s, Gibson has been managed by his mother, who died earlier this year.

“I’m joking, but not joking, that she literally threw her body in front of anyone who could do me any harm, and she prevented any #MeToo situation from happening,” she explains.

“It doesn’t always get her brownie points, but it’s highly respected and that protects me. So I’m really lucky that I had protective parents who wanted nothing from me except for me to be sane, happy and healthy.”

Gibson became a star in his youth.

Debbie Gibson performs in 1988.

Gibson became a star in his youth.


Gibson, 52, released his platinum-selling debut album Out of the Blue in 1987 just before his 17th birthday. One of her songs, “Foolish Beat,” made her the youngest female artist to write, produce and perform a #1 single.

The Long Island resident says her close relationship with her parents makes her feel like Britney Spears, another former teen pop star who was released in November 2021 from an allegedly abusive 13-year conservatorship overseen by her father, Jamie Spears, 2021 in November.

Debbie Gibson with her parents Joe and Diane in 1990.
Gibson’s mother, Diane, managed the singer for years.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty

“It’s very easy to make fun of her posts on social media,” Gibson says, referring to the 41-year-old “Toxic” singer’s frequent nude photos. “But I see someone who’s happy and just dying to get out of that bubble. He’s a natural performer, so if he has to perform in his living room, on social media, that’s what he’ll do.”

“But I hope he finds his stage again,” he adds.

Debbie Gibson "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."
Gibson recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Image

Gibson is currently on tour and recently released a Christmas album called “Winterlicious,” though he prefers to call it a holiday album.

“There’s an original Hanukkah song that I wrote and all the non-denominational stuff like ‘Let It Snow,'” he explains.

As for his back catalogue, the Broadway star admits it’s “crazy” that the songs he wrote in his bedroom as a teenager ever saw the light of day “when we didn’t know anybody in the music business.” , adding: We’ve done it literally through old-fashioned hard work and perseverance.”



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