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An Amentum subsidiary has won a five-year, $44.6 million contract to support the US Agency for International Development’s Office of Human Assistance in regional implementation. disaster management and risk reduction programs.

Amentum announced Thursday that the order, awarded by the General Services Administration under the Integrated Services Single Procurement Solution contracting vehicle, includes equipping stakeholders to respond to natural disasters and other critical situations.

The BHA will work with the company to create a training and capacity building program in 31 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Our experts are ready to implement on-site emergency response support to our USAID partner, as well as rapid decentralized procurement of emergency response supplies and training to emergency response personnel in Latin America and the Caribbean to build resilience at the local level,” they said. Carl SpinenweberChair of Amentum’s Mission Critical Group.

As an agency partner, the company aims to facilitate the coordination of humanitarian assistance, help develop national emergency management systems, and adapt programs to disaster response requirements in LAC countries.

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