Dishonored and its awesome DLC will be free from Epic this week

The Epic Games Store’s holiday season of freebies has come to an end. Therefore, the Epic Games Store weekly freebies have resumed. Right now and until January 5th, you can pick up Dishonored for free. The Definitive Edition, which includes Arkane’s first-person stealth arcade and all its expansions.

You can visit Dishonored. Definitive Edition store page until January 5th at 16:00 GMT to permanently add the game to your account. Included DLC is Dunwall City Trials, The Knife Of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches, and Void Walker’s Arsenal.

I guess I don’t need to sing the praises of Dishonored at this point. It’s a thief-inspired urban fantasy sneaker where you get revenge on a recently unresurrected queen and clear your name by telegraphing past guards, possessing rats, and trashing any unfortunate souls you choose to kill. It was part of the basis for the second coming of the immersive sim.

You might more sensibly skip Dishonored’s DLC, much of which puts you in the relaxed shoes of assassin Dowd. We really liked Knife Of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches at the time, with Jim calling them “funnier bits of Dunwall than most of the original game” in his Brigmore Witches review.

Sure, maybe you’ve played all of the above but haven’t gotten to Dishonored 2 yet (hello). You’re also in luck there if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, as you can currently claim Dishonored 2 for free via It’s unbelievable how many great games you can get for free these days.

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