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The release of EA’s ambitious Dead Space remake is just around the corner, and the haunted Isaac Clarke is set to explore the haunted halls of USG Ishimura once again. As you might suspect, Dead Space will feature PS5’s usual suite of graphical and performance options, allowing players to further customize the experience to their liking.

You have to decide between quality and performance settings, which basically do what you can imagine. Quality will offer 4K (UHD) visuals at 30fps with ray tracing enabled, while Performance will render 2K (QHD) without ray tracing, but instead run at a silky-smooth 60fps.

For gamers looking to get the best gaming experience, it’s really hard to go past the 60fps in Performance mode, which does a lot to improve the gaming experience. Sure, you lose visual fidelity, but that seems like the lesser of two evils. Of course, follow your heart and choose the option that best suits your taste.

Will you be getting the Dead Space remake when it comes out next week? Which setting do you prefer and which one will you choose? Suit in the comments section below.



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