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We’ve all wished we had more hours in the day, but what if you could fit more into those working hours? That’s really what productivity is all about, and it can be challenging to achieve when those unread emails, appointments, and tasks pile up. So if you feel like it’s time to finally get organized, Lunatask can help. You can get a lifetime subscription to this all-in-one productivity app for over 70% off right now.

Whatever device you work on, you’ve already got tools like calendar apps that help you keep track of your tasks. What Lunatask does is bring all those tools together in one hub so that you can spend less time doing digital housekeeping and more time getting things done. With functionality that includes prioritized listing, smart note-taking, a Pomodoro timer, and more, this productivity platform can help you in your work and personal life.

Lunatask makes it easy to add items to your to-do list and pin them to other tasks. Not only will it alert you when deadlines are looming, but it can also help you see red flags when you’re taking on too much. In addition, you can sync events from Google, Outlook, iCloud, or other calendar apps and prevent overlapping appointments. You can even set it up to join Zoom, or Google Meet calls directly from the app.

And that’s just for starters; Lunatask includes tools for journaling and note-taking with a tagging system that lets you quickly find entries. It can even track your mood and help you build better habits to create more downtime and feel better once you’re there.

Right now, a lifetime subscription to Lunatask Premium is $ 49 – that’s 72% off the original price.

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