Capcom’s year-end survey forgets the existence of the Xbox store

Capcom has conducted a new year-end poll asking gamers which of its upcoming titles they’re most looking forward to, but Xbox fans may notice that the Microsoft platform isn’t as loved as others…

Capcom sure loves its polls, and its latest is about awareness and excitement for the publisher’s upcoming games in 2023 and beyond. But while Monster Hunter Rise is one of the first confirmed games coming to Game Pass in 2023, Xbox gamers will be left with a strange omission when asked how they prefer to buy games.

Capcom’s year-end survey makes no mention of the Xbox store

The year-end survey isn’t as open to player feedback as previous ones, so when you get to the question “How do you prefer to buy games?” you’ll see lots of options for various other platforms and storefronts, but no mention of Xbox, just an “other” field, and no text field of its own to even mention Xbox. Considering that Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is the only confirmed platform game on Capcom’s slate that isn’t available for an Xbox release, this seems like an odd omission, as well as one of the typically more open fields. absence. which ails the publisher for more Xbox love (we’d like a Legacy Collection too, please and thank you).

However, it’s not all bad news. Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Pragmata are both being recognized alongside Capcom’s confirmed 2023 titles to help keep the dream alive, and while both are clearly a long way off, it’s at least nice to see them mentioned. Completing the survey will also net you a pretty cool Capcom wallpaper for your PC or phone.

Which Capcom games are you most looking forward to in 2023 and beyond? Hoping to see better Xbox support from the publisher than this survey suggests. Let us know!

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