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Apple is likely planning to bring custom microLED displays to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac after the technology appears in a new version of the Apple Watch Ultra, which is currently slated for release by the end of 2024. it is said: BloombergMark Gurman.

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Gurman said Apple spent about six years developing microLED technology, which will be the company’s first custom-designed display, reflecting its work on Apple’s silicon. Gurman said earlier this week that Apple plans to introduce the display technology with the new Apple Watch Ultra in 2024.

Apple reportedly started its microLED project, codenamed T159, around 2017. The display aims to provide better brightness, color reproduction and viewing angles, making images more ‘painted’ on top of the display glass and replacing the currently supplied parts. By companies like Samsung and LG.

After the debut of the Apple Watch Ultra in 2024, Gurman expects Apple’s custom microLED displays to expand to the iPhone, possibly followed by the iPad and Mac later. He believes Apple’s long-term plan is to bring microLED displays to all of its major products, but it could be a decade before it appears on the Mac due to the complexity of the technology at this early stage. By comparison, Gurman noted that the iPhone will have OLED displays for more than six years before they are expected to appear on the iPad.

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