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News of NVIDIA’s next-gen TITAN GPU project being canceled (or shut down) resurfaces every few weeks. This time, however, Moore’s Law is Dead claims to have actual photos of the engineering design that were used to create the detailed drawings.

NVIDIA TITAN RTX “ADA” engineering prototype rendering, source: MLID

NVIDIA is apparently exploring the idea of ​​releasing the ultimate gaming GPU as part of its TITAN series. We haven’t seen a new TITAN GPU in a while as the company focuses their efforts on the GeForce product line. However, the situation in the GPU market is fluid enough for NVIDIA to consider such an option in the future.

Currently, a full AD102 GPU is not expected to debut anytime soon under the RTX 40 series. The so-called RTX 4090 Ti is almost certainly coming at some point, but this leak suggests that NVIDIA might as well put a TITAN badge on it and raise the price even more.

The leak claims that NVIDIA has completed prototypes that are running in the lab as we speak, and they definitely look like the finished product. To confirm this, MLID shares one heavily edited photo of the card, while basing the rest on other photos.

NVIDIA TITAN RTX “ADA” engineering sample (real photo), Source: MLID

What stands out here are the dual 16-pin power connectors, located in a very unusual location. One has to wonder if this card is the quad-slot GPU prototype we saw a few months ago, though the heatsink fins are at a different angle.

NVIDIA Quad-Slot “ADA” GPU Prototype

Earlier rumors indicated that NVIDIA was planning an AD102-450-based model with 18,176 CUDA cores and 48GB of GDDR6X memory. Now it’s said that this GPU could even have 24Gbps memory modules, which would increase the bandwidth by 14% compared to the RTX 4090 card.

NVIDIA TITAN RTX “ADA” engineering prototype rendering, source: MLID

This TITAN prototype does not have a release date, nor is it expected to be released anytime soon. This leak only claims that NVIDIA has the prototype labs ready if ever needed.

Source: Moore’s Law is dead


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