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Microsoft’s new patent has some Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users worried about the future of gaming on both Xbox consoles. The patent in question is titled “Delivering Personalized Content for a Seamless Online Gaming Experience.” What is “Personalized Content”? Well, in this case, that means advertising. That’s right, Microsoft has been researching how to deliver personalized ads in games.

We don’t know exactly how data will be collected to provide this experience, and how it will work with games where ad placement is not possible. The patent doesn’t address any of these things in detail, but it does give some examples, including billboards for a driving game or a billboard that lines a soccer field. You can imagine such a game GTA 6: this can be a plaque on the track or acquired through in-game clothing. How can you put ads in something like this? Elden ring although less clear.

“The method of providing content to users during gameplay includes determining that the user is interacting with a game provided by an online streaming provider and defining a time in the game during which the user’s interaction with the game is predicted to be below a threshold. interaction number,” the patent abstract reads. “The method includes identifying a location in the game environment to overlay the content over time and identifying the content to display to the user. Content must be displayed using an overlay video stream that is separate from the game stream. the user’s gameplay, the overlay video stream is sent to the user concurrently with the gameplay stream to provide the user with the content at the specified location for at least a portion of the time.”

It is important to note that there is no guarantee that anything will come of it. Companies like Microsoft file patents all the time, many of which never get past the concept stage. Meanwhile, this future seems inevitable with many other companies exploring similar technologies.

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