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It might actually happen, but it would be a lot more fun if they actually won.

Regardless, the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in a game almost everyone predicted they would lose, and it looked like this team was certainly not going anywhere in 2022. It’s good because this team. has exceeded expectations in many ways, but reality is setting in. It’s not all pessimism, especially regarding this team’s long-term prospects. But in the short term, confidence fades quickly.

Tyler Lockett may have missed the game, but that didn’t stop him from sharing some feelings about the game.

Others seemed to share this same sentiment.

The defense had a much more respectable game than most expected against this KC offense, and even if it was far from perfect, they weren’t the weakest link on the field today. Tariq Vullen is back as usual.

It wasn’t all bad… Godwin Igwebuike looks to be a fun surprise in the midseason rematch.

Regardless of all the doom and gloom, the Seahawks aren’t done yet.technically“Removed from pay dispute… So I say there’s a chance.

Also, we hope this doesn’t describe your viewing situation.


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