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Editor’s Note:Kreischer and friend Alexander O’Reilly studied the raw data from a survey of your other favorite team. He presents this report.

What’s up guys, girls and NB friends? It’s your new BFF (Braden Fan forever!) Alexander O’Reilly, with my first officially published RMNB article. For my unofficial chicken scratch article or my incoherent fan in the group chat, subscribe to the RMNB Patreon; worth every penny i promise.

To the main event. Nearly 1,300 of you wonderful readers responded to a poll of your three favorite and three least favorite NHL teams. Shout out to the 23 of you who put the hats on as first, second, and: third favorite team. Love the hype, made me miserable when I caught it at 12:15am on a Sunday morning because it forced me to clear all data before posting. Why was I looking at the data since it came so late? Blame Ian for over an hour talking about his memorabilia collection. I couldn’t escape until the night came (<3 you Ian).

Anyway, here’s a summary of your answers.

To no one’s surprise, the Washington Capitals are the favorite team of the vast majority of respondents, specifically 92 percent. Another four percent of you had the Caps as your second or third favorite team.

Putting aside the covers, we get some interesting information. The Colorado Avalanche, Seattle Kraken, and Toronto Maple Leafs are all very popular teams (more on the Leafs later). The San Jose Sharks, despite only having one “most favorite” vote, have a strong showing in the second and third place votes. That might cement them as the ‘Caps West’, but I wonder if the Kraken can surpass them, maybe because the shine hasn’t worn off the NHL’s newest franchise, maybe because everyone’s favorite cousin and Two-time Stanley Cup champion Andre Burakovsky. is playing there. The Minnesota Wild are also showing strongly in the second and third place votes despite the first place votes. Can we call them ‘Caps North’ or just because they’ve been a non-factor in the loafers recently? Finally, and most surprisingly, the Penguins aren’t the last team here. RMNB has a wider reach than I expected (or maybe a lot of hate readers. Pens fans, please tell me how Tom Wilson is barely a replacement-level NHLer.) Looking at first place votes alone, Pittsburgh fourth behind. only Washington, Colorado and Toronto, and tied with Seattle and Detroit. The only teams not voted for first place are Minnesota, Winnipeg, Florida and Columbus.

If we take out every Washington answer and replace it with the team each person listed as their next favorite team, we see that the second most popular answer is actually: no one; many of you left your second and third favorite spots blank, or chose the Caps as your first, second, and third favorite teams, which, as mentioned before, matched me when cleaning the data. There are no other metro area teams in the top third, and only one team (Carolina) in the top half. It doesn’t surprise me that a lot of metro teams don’t like it, although I’m a little surprised the Hurricanes are still ahead seeing as how they’ve been so good the last few years and are one of the teams out of the Cup. since beating the Caps in the playoffs.

On least favorite teams. Again, the top result shouldn’t surprise anyone. Pittsburgh receives 72 percent of the least favorite votes and appears in the bottom three in 87 percent of the responses. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s not higher. Compared to 92 percent of the Caps as their favorite team, we can conclude that while respondents are united in their love for the Caps, they are united in our distaste for the Pens.

Three respondents skipped the “who I like” questions and went straight to the “who I don’t like” questions. All mentioned Pittsburgh. While I respect the passion, I have some advice for finding joy in your life. If Star Wars has taught me anything, it’s that if you live on hate, hate will eventually kill you.

Besides the Penguins, the Rangers, Flyers, and Bruins are very unpopular teams; not so surprising. Boston getting more first place votes than anyone (except Pittsburgh) by a wide margin doesn’t surprise me either. What surprises me is that the Canes are the fifth most disliked, with the third most first-place votes. They were also somehow the second most popular Metro team. Thus, respondents generally dislike canes, except for a decent minority who support them.

The least favorite team is Calgary, just three votes ahead of Ottawa by a narrow margin.

If we replaced each Penguins vote with the next least favorite team, the order wouldn’t change much. Philly ends up being the least favorite team by a decent margin. The “none” response here, indicating that the respondent indicated no dislikes other than Pittsburgh, is much lower than it was in the favorites graph. This means that more respondents voted for the few least favorite teams than voted for the few most favorite teams.

Let’s take a look at some graphs comparing the most popular answers to the least popular answers. Here we have a “favorability rating” for each team – the percentage of times they were listed as favorites versus the percentage of times they were listed as least favorites.

Based on some semi-arbitrary dividing lines, we can group the teams as follows.

There are some surprises here with Buffalo, Calgary and Minnesota in the love category. Despite being the most positive team in the metro besides Washington, Carolina falls into the dislike category. How does this happen? Well, they were one of the most mentioned teams overall, as shown below.

This chart shows that respondents focus their dislike on a few teams (lower right teams: Bruins, Flyers, Rangers), while their preferences are scattered among many teams (upper left teams, nearly half the league). . Only Avalanche and Kraken are mentioned frequently and positively. All this can be summarized in the graph below.

This map shows each team’s number of responses (size) and relative favorability (color) by home location, of course. Once again, I’ve excluded Pittsburgh and Washington because they would make the table unreadable. For New York teams, the small green dot is the Devils, the small red dot is the Islanders, and the big red dot is the Rangers. With the exception of Vegas, all of the least favored teams are centered on the East Coast. The only exception is the devils. I expect this could change quickly if they continue their hot streak into the playoffs. Also contractually and morally bound to add #SiegenthalerForNorris here. In general, it’s pretty easy to see that most teams are either generally liked or disliked. And what about those greenish-orange dots in the middle? Well…

These are the three teams that have been mentioned frequently and: also lacked general consensus in either direction. Toronto makes sense to me, they are a big market team in a country full of hockey fans, which leads to people either loving them or hating them. For Edmonton, I guess it’s because people either love McDavid as an absolute wizard of the game, the likes of whom we won’t see until Tom Wilson returns from injury, or people just hate that he’s not on their favorite team. As for Chicago, I guess some people like them because they’re another big market team. As for why people don’t like them… Well, take your pick any reason

And now. teams nobody cares about.

These are the five teams least mentioned in the data. Credit to Columbus for having so few votes that it wasn’t worth adding to the “Decided Teams” chart above. And as the most recent team to knock the Caps out of the playoffs, I’m pretty surprised the Panthers got so little hate.

Thanks for going through the whole article. Have other questions or ideas about ways to view data? Post in the comments and I’ll see if I can get you an answer.


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