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the new version of Vancouver Canucks “Flying Skate” jersey was recently leaked, giving us an early look at the NHL team’s future alternate uniform plans.

The international version of NHL’s online store thanks to an early registration store and fast working hands Twitter user @LachInTheCreaseWe see a new alternate retro-inspired jersey for the Vancouver Canucks that brings back the black, yellow and red colors of the Canucks teams of the 1980s and 90s.

Here’s the leaked uniform next to an original Canucks sweater from that era.

Before we dive into this, we have to remember that the leaked version is a replica of the Fanatics branded retail jersey, which usually lacks or simplifies some of the designs unlike their on-ice Adidas counterparts.

As you can see, there are several changes in the new version…

The wing stripe is much thicker than before, with the red and yellow stripes now equal in size and now with a thin black line between the two. In the yellow wing stripes we see a pattern that looks to me like a series of diagonal lines, perhaps forming a “V” shape closer to the elbows.

There are two changes to the collar. the red and yellow stripes are gone, leaving a plain black front collar with an NHL shield. The inner back collar has added a new yellow and black ridge design.

The logo removed all traces of white, replacing the white diagonal stripes inside the crest with red and yellow (and removing one of those stripes altogether). Additionally, the background of the “CANUCKS” logo is now black instead of white.

Vancouver accepted for the first time Flying Skate logo After the 1977-78 season, when they replaced their blue, green and white color scheme with a completely opposite palette of red, yellow and black. Back then, the thinking was blue and green were considered calming colors, while black, red and yellow were extremely aggressive, perfect for intimidating opponents on the ice. Vancouver stayed with the new colors for twenty seasons, until 1996-97 when they were replaced with the current colors. orca logo: and dark blue, silver and dark red looks. The Canucks returned to their original blue and green colors in 2007-08.

An official release date for the Flying Skate 2.0 is currently unknown, although the Canucks are expected to debut and wear this uniform during the current 2022-23 season.


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