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TJ Oshie Left the Capitals game in the second period with what appeared to be another lower-body injury.

Oshie was ice skating on her back as she limped up. The veteran winger strained his right hip and was in serious pain.

Oshie huddled on the bench for a minute or two, leaning on his stick, before being helped down to the locker room during the next TV timeout. Several teammates patted him on the back as he left.

The star forward will not return to the Capitals due to an upper-body injury.

It’s the third time in the last two seasons that Oshie has been injured while walking and the second time this season.

During the match on October 29, Oshie stood up.

The Capitals said Oshie is “out indefinitely. Connor Brown got the same name and basically missed the entire season, but Oshie missed just 11 games.

Oshie underwent core surgery in the offseason and missed last season with his back.

“It was a major procedure I had to do,” Oshie said. “[The injury] took place in March. Something I’ve played through. Got [the surgery] it was done two or three weeks after the end of the season.”

Over the last two seasons, Oshie has missed 49 of the last 115 games. The Capitals are 13-7-1 with Oshie in the lineup this season and 8-2-2 since he returned from injury.


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