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The Washington Capitals will be at home for four of their next five games, and that start Thursday night against the Dallas Stars. All eyes were once again on the Big Eight as it has more hockey history in its sights.

Conor Sheary hit the game’s opening marker on a fantastic feed from Alex Ovechkin. Jamie Benn and Colin Miller hit two runs off Charlie Lindgren early in the third to swing the game in Dallas’ favor.

The Stars beat the Capitals 2-1.

  • An incredibly even first period, which is great news for the Caps because the Stars have been ridiculously good this season. Both teams had their chances and both teams needed their goalkeepers to shine a few times to keep them from scoring after twenty minutes.
  • Segey Ovechkin, Ovi Jr., has the honor of pushing his father’s Capital One Arena goal tally to 800. this time ice.
  • They played the Peacemaker opening theme song for the first time in the arena, which just made me think of James Gunn and how Henry Cavill isn’t coming back as Superman and how he left the Netflix Witcher show to play Superman and now he’s just not coming back. doing both and it’s bad and why is the DCU always such a mess like this and Peacemaker was great anyway.
  • An almost absurdly dominant second period from the Caps in terms of at least the twenty minutes they looked like they had the jump on. Until Anthony Mantha made it count and then conceded a late penalty, it looked like they had spent the last ten minutes in the attacking zone. However, only one goal should be shown for it.
  • What an unreal transfer Alex Ovechkin to: Conor Sherry for the opening goal. I think everyone in the world, including Stars goaltender Jake Oettinger, thought it was going to be a one-time blast from his office. Instead, it was a deft backdoor pass that gave Sherri an empty net for her tenth goal of the season.
  • The assist was Ovi’s 35th in his 32nd game of the season. In his age-37 season, he is now on pace for 51 goals and 90 total points.
  • Look, it’s all statistics and even sometimes my eyeballs say Anthony Mantha is a great player. It’s just that sometimes he does things that drive me absolutely nuts. The Caps dominated the entire second period until he took a soft shot and turned it over, then he took an incredibly lazy penalty that led to Dallas scoring on the play early in the third. It completely turned the game around. He does things like this all too often and is lucky not to get fined more for it.
  • Two quickly found themselves in the Caps net to start the third and they took too long trying to find the tying marker.
  • Jake Oettinger Disturbing fantasy play for Dallas against the Caps. Good lord. He ends the Capitals’ 5-game hitting streak.
  • I glanced at one Brian Sutterby when NBC Sports Washington aired some old footage of Ovie’s first goal against the Stars. Sutterby is a former Cap and Star who is now a post-game day scout for the Caps. He was one of my favorites on some truly awful Capers teams.

The Caps will host Mitch Marner and the rest of the Toronto Maple Leafs next. That means we get a Steve Dangle video of a Caps game. Let’s go.

Header photo by @pennybacker


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