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As part of the evolution of the Winter Classic, the NHL is incorporating themes into the presentation and marketing. The 2020 game in Dallas featured the State Fair of Texas, and the 2022 game in Minneapolis focused on Minnesota as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and the “Hockey State.”

Fenway Park will feature a baseball theme from nearly every angle and an asymmetrical building tone, including a reorientation of the main concourse so that the Green Monster serves as its backdrop. logos and uniforms splashed across the park’s patent green paint, yellow tarnished bars and old-school fonts. auxiliary “baseball diamond rink” field; and entertainment between periods that will include appearances by former and current Red Sox and Bruins players.

“The venue is so historic and iconic, it celebrates the history of the Red Sox and the sport in Boston so well, that it really aligned with how we’re positioning the Winter Classic brand, which is really a celebration of hockey and its roots; bringing the modern game into a historical context, and so we really felt we wanted to showcase Fenway right off the bat,” said Greg Mueller, NHL Senior Director of Design.

The newest and biggest twist is the repositioning of the rink from the 2010 layout. It will be roughly centered the length of first and third bases on the baseball diamond, so that its 200-foot length will stretch along the second-to-third base axis to the 231-foot width of the Green Monster.

This photo taken on Dec. 31, 2009, during Bruins practice, shows the rink layout during the first Winter Classic games played at Fenway Park. In the 2023 game, the ice will be moved to match the Green Monster.Bill Green

It was one of the first decisions made, said Steve Mayer, the NHL’s chief content officer, upon returning to Fenway Park.

“We do a lot of made-for-TV stuff, and while we definitely want to create an incredible environment for our fans, playing with that Green Monster with some of the equipment that we have — cameras, drones, sky cameras — that’s what we are.” going to do using the relationship between the Monster and the rink. I think it’s going to be very unique and definitely something that will be a great gift for our audience,” Mayer said.

Fenway Park is already in the midst of its busiest offseason ever with Fenway Sports Management featuring Topgolf Live, Spartan Race, Thanksgiving high school football and the first-ever Fenway Bowl college football game, the Frozen Fenway college hockey event. : Winter classic.

The Fenway Bowl date was moved to the December calendar to give the NHL more time to complete the stadium turnover from football to hockey-baseball, which is high, respectfully, above the TD bullpen’s efforts. Park for his transitions from basketball to hockey. With the football field gone for the weekend, the NHL’s dedicated crew will go to work, taking a break on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day before returning to finish the job.

“We’ve had a 15-year working relationship with the NHL since the first time we did it. our operations team, from security, ushers, ticket takers, park operations to grounds staff, they work very closely with their operations. the team that comes in and takes over the building — they do all the content, all the programming, all the marketing — it’s just like the All-Star Game,” said Sam Kennedy, the Red Sox’s chief operating officer from 2010 to now. team and FSM chairman. “You’ll see elements of new content in the support rink, but I think for the most part the event itself is special, preserving the sanctity of the outdoor game. It’s an amazing event.”

Included in the conversion is a separate diamond-shaped rink on the field, where the league plans to engage local youth hockey players in shinny, an informal version of “street” hockey sometimes played on frozen ponds.

“It will be like a baseball diamond with hockey-focused markings,” Mueller said.

The Green Monster will feature sponsored advertising as well as a version of the official logo for the 2023 Winter Classic.

The 2023 Winter Classic logo incorporates a number of elements from the style and design of Fenway Park, which will host the game for the second time in 2023.By the NHL

The logo features a black-and-gold (appropriately the colors of both the Bruins and Penguins and Fenway’s dreary poles) flying over a frosty “Winter” with “Classic” written below it in the Green Monsters’ scoreboard font. Dirt poles forming each side of the green wall backdrop, along with the NHL crest and the “2023” sign, meant to evoke the distance markers on Fenway’s outfield walls.

The jerseys worn by the players are carefully crafted, such as the vintage white over black Bruins jersey, which the NHL says. [a] trunk in the back of an old skate shop.’ The Penguins uniform is inspired by the 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates hockey team, with a gold P stretching across a vintage white jersey.

Bruins president Cam Neely noticed another touch.

“When we were going through the design of the jerseys, the focal point was really; “Okay, we’re playing in a baseball stadium, let’s face the fact that both cities have major league baseball teams,” Neely said. “And if you look at the inside collar of our classic jersey, they pay a little homage to the Green Monster, which I thought was pretty cool.”

Details have not yet been released, such as who will sing the national anthem, but the singer, who has Boston ties, will be backed by an orchestra that also likely has Boston ties. A Grammy Award-winning rock band will play during the first inning, and Bruins and Red Sox alumni will perform between the second and third innings.

The only unplanned element is the elements, like the weather.

Cold, balmy, rainy, snowy, windy, still. anything is possible and organizers aren’t losing sleep over it.

“It’s the one thing we can’t control, and it’s the one thing we can’t forget,” Mayer said. “Boston is usually perfect for a game like this, but let’s talk in a few weeks and I’ll tell you how perfect it was.”

The Bruins jerseys for the 2023 NHL Winter Classic include a number of throwback features.By the Boston Bruins

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