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it’s official Danil Zhuravlyovhas now been terminated by the Colorado Avalanche. As of today, the Avalanche have waived Zhuravlyov with intent to terminate his contract, according to Elliott Friedman. In late November, Zhuravlyov left the organization and returned to Russia for personal reasons, sources told Colorado Hockey Now.. Zhuravlyov was drafted by the Avalanche in 2018, but spent the last four years in Russia playing in the KHL. I had seen him play in Loveland and he jumped out as a potential offensive lineman.

He hadn’t done much offensively before he was disqualified. He played 14 games for the Colorado Eagles and had just one assist, minus one. He was considered a good prospect for the Avalanche, but he was low on the depth chart. There were times when he was sparkling, but he still needed some work on his skating. He was also a little on the slight side at 165 pounds and six feet tall. At this time, it is unclear if Zhuravlyov plans to ever return to the United States to play professional hockey again. He can stay in Russia and play with the KHL’s AK Bars Kazan (the team he played for before the Avalanche). He had significant success with his skating while with the Avalanche. There was just a noticeable difference in his skating between development camp and training camp. Thus, progress has been made in its development.

It is always a shame to see a player leave the team. We cannot judge him for leaving, especially if he left for personal reasons. He may feel that he has better opportunities at home. We can only wish Zhuravlyov good luck in the future.

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