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So hey! You’re probably still on an adrenaline high after the late win against Toronto, huh? Well, good news! They signed the Czech winger last night. Right after the big win.

That’s right!

They signed Pavel Zacha to a 4-year extension, giving him a 1.25 million per year raise. And it announced at 10 p.m.

Zacha has had a pretty solid year in the Bruins deep. Not necessarily a scorer, but has shown himself to be a pretty good playmaker with 25 points in 42 games, most of them assists, and has been a pretty good possession along the way.

As solid a player as you’ll ever find…with weird power numbers, because guys like him should probably be better at it, don’t you think?

He’s definitely found his calling as a winger rather than a centre-back, that’s for sure.

I don’t hate the contract at all, they won’t have many players after next year, and frankly, a guy who can be a stabilizing influence (and can play center if things go awry) isn’t in your depth. not the worst thing in the world. That also brings the total number of 2023-24 Bruins forwards to five heading into next year, and counting picks. Glad they decided to sign him.

But, and this is not Zacha’s fault… we all know which Czech winger we are actually looking to see signed. That news still eludes us, as neither side appears to have made much progress. I would like that to change.

Still, it’s good to see a guy who’s been playing pretty well get some confidence that he’ll be back in the next few years. We wish him all the best…

…and hopefully she’ll take the boys out to dinner one of these days. He can pay for it now!


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