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Jim Rutherford is either a genius, he’s running a circus in Vancouver, or both. Reports indicate that the Canucks have put everyone but Elias Peterson on the NHL trade block. The Flyers are hearing from James van Riemsdyk, the NHL is considering an 84-game schedule and the impending return of Nick Backstrom could reignite Washington Capitals trade talks. Also, Evgeni Malkin returned to practice and chirped his friend Sidney Crosby for a slap shot.

Wow! The HNIK boys were dropping bombs on Saturday night. The potential 84 game schedule cracks me up. When will sports leagues realize there is no demand for MORE regular season games? “We need a longer regular season,” said No Fan Ever.

Just a thought, but 16 teams made the Stanley Cup playoffs when there were 21 teams. If they want more hockey, how about 20 teams in a 32-team league, including four wild cards. Do wild cards play a five game series? Wouldn’t the TV networks make more money with that than they would with more regular season games?

This weekend I feel like I’m standing on my head and telling everyone they’re upside down. Join me tonight on WPXI’s Closing Remarks! I have a few things I want to tell you… (Happy Holidays).

Pittsburgh Penguins / Steelers, Pirates

Pittsburgh hockey now. Welcome back, Malkin! He scratched his chin, grinned and took a pretty good shot at Sidney Crosby slapping him on Thursday. Check it out — Well done, Yevgeny Malkin.

PHN blog. Kasperi Kapanen retreats. Why not Mark Friedman? And Casey DeSmith gave us a three-minute master class. Pittsburgh Penguins Blog.

Happy World Cup Finals! One game for all the marbles and you won’t get more for four years. Get a $50 free bet on DraftKings (and don’t 10 me. Put the $50 to good use!). World Cup Final Betting We Like

Steelers Now::

Kenny Pickett is out. After a week of pitting the other QBs against each other, Mike Tomlin chose the Steelers starting QB.

OK, it’s a long shot, and the worst that can happen is the Steelers win a few games but don’t make the playoffs. So if you believe in miracles, here’s what needs to happen for the Steelers to make the playoffs.

The former Steelers think the team is holding him back. Free George Pickens.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now. The Pirates spent some money on backstops and free agent signings. Pittsburgh Pirates free agency.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now.

Sportsnet. Hockey Night in Canada! Jeff Marek and Elliot Friedman were on fire. The Canucks and GM Patrick Alliv have put everyone but Petersson on the NHL trade block. 84 playlists? The Flyers are listening to van Riemsdyk.

Montreal hockey now. Nick Backstrom is getting closer to returning to the capital. This summer, the Capitals and Canadiens engaged in trade talks regarding moving cap space. Can the Capitals re-engage the Canadiens in trade talks?

Philly Hockey Now. Offense can be tough for top centers who don’t produce. Kevin Hayes is the Flyers’ leading scorer, but Tortorella gave him a healthy scratch on Saturday. Philadelphia Flyers lineup contact.

Hey – follow! Ariel Melendez on Twitter. He is part of the next generation of hockey players getting a chance to shine.

Washington hockey now. WILD win for the Capitals. With easy goals, defenseman Erik Gustafson became the author of a hat trick, and the Capitals shocked former “Capers” goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov. Gustafson said he “blacked out” after the hat. Check out the Washington Capitals locker room.

Detroit hockey now. Call me sympathetic. Oli Mata has been sidelined for several games. Pneumonia knocked him out for the Detroit Red Wings.

Vegas hockey now. A horror story that ended well with lots of support. Alex Pietrangelo was on personal leave from the Golden Knights. On Saturday, he told the reason. Her daughter’s flu flared up during the days of her brain injuries and hospital stay. Here is the full story of Alex Pietrangelo.


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