Hilarious “Hot Mic” Moment for Boston Bruins’ “Foligno In Win”.

BOSTON – Things got a little testy between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers on Monday afternoon, although it wasn’t all that competitive on the scoreboard, and it led to a fun moment in Boston’s 6-0 rout of the Broad Street Bullies at TD Garden. .

After a heated exchange between Travis Konecny ​​and Nick Foligno along the sideboards nearly led to a brawl, the 35-year-old Bruins forward wasn’t happy when he was called for a corresponding minor penalty coming out of the fight.

As referee Brandon Schrader called appropriate roughing and cross-checking penalties for Konecny ​​and Folino, the veteran forward could be heard on Schrader’s hot mic explaining why he wasn’t called into question after holding back the Flyers’ skill forward.

The 5-foot-10, 175-pound Konecny ​​has seven NHL fights on his resume, but he’d be hitting a weight class if Foligno decided to start throwing shots. That seemed to be the message a distraught Foligno was conveying when he said: [expletive] face in? Settling in the box for two minutes before laying in Schrader for 30 seconds.

After the game, Foligno had already heard about the incident when reporters entered the victorious Bruins’ locker room, where Foligno, Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, Linus Ullmark and others were running their kids around playing together. Let’s just say he was calling for “Old School” headphones for his youngest son while clearly laughing about it after Monday afternoon’s win over the Flyers.

It’s been an active few days for Nick Foligno, who also dropped the gloves with Wayne Simmonds on Saturday night in an epic Boston Bruins/Toronto Maple Leafs game that absolutely lived up to the hype. Foligno was lauded for the emotion and energy he brings to the table for the B’s right now as they look to get their second win in the middle of a long regular season where they’ve run away from everyone.

“I think that was a perfect example of getting us going, giving us some energy, getting our legs into it,” Bergeron said. “When you see a guy like that who’s been playing for the crest for a long time, but also for his teammates, and step up like that, it goes a long way. At the beginning of the game, we talked about the energy in the building. It’s a statement, and it makes a big difference. It definitely energized us. I’m sure for both sides, and for us, for sure.”

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