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In some lane shuffling yesterday, JT Compher looked like the first line center. Coach Bednar confirmed to us today that Mikko Rantanen will in fact move to right wing and Komfer will move to center. That leaves Arturi Lehkonen on the left wing. The Avalanche had an optional skate this morning. Only about half of the team was there, including Pavel Francous. He missed the last two days due to illness, but seems to be doing well.

Andreas Englund Interview

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Andreas Englund. Yesterday I saw some videos of him learning a few things about fighting from Curtis McDermid. I asked what McDermid was teaching him at Avalanche practice yesterday.

I can’t give away all of his secrets, you know, he’s a great fighter and he knows what he’s doing, so just take advantage of him, but definitely try to learn something from him,” Englund said. “He’s thrown in some tips and tricks that, you know, he likes, how he sees the fight, and that definitely helps. I think it helps. Yeah, trying to learn stuff and have a good time and stuff.”

I asked him, besides McDermid, who has helped him the most since joining the Avalanche.

Yes, I would say EJ. We played a lot, especially at the beginning of my stretch there. He was great in helping me get back into the NHL in the first two games. It was great,” he said.

Jared Bednar Interview

We immediately started asking about Bo Byram.

Yes, he’s still week-to-week. He is definitely making progress. But he’s not like that, he hasn’t moved forward in this schedule yet,” he said.

Bayram watched the morning skate from the bench, seemingly in good spirits. The team claims he has a lower body injury.

We asked about slow starts in the previous game and how to deal with it.

“THey, gotta get ready to go. They know how important the launch is. You know, it’s not like our starts have been terrible. We are home and settled in. We had a good skate and practice yesterday. The guys are out there in the gym today doing what they need to do to prepare. You know, everybody wants something a little different, which is why I don’t mind going optional (skating),” he said.

Projected lines





D. Hunt- Hudon- Foodie




Englund-B. Hunt




Georgie really kicks off tonight.

Superstreak bonus!


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