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Let’s do an Avalanche mailbag here. It’s been a few months since my last one, I think anyway. First question. very important question about Kale Makar.

Great question, because Makar’s last name really makes it impossible to hang the usual “ie” or “er” nickname on him in the timeless NHL tradition.

I asked around and… Makar doesn’t really have a nickname right now. I’ve heard him mostly called “Cale” lol. I’ve heard it sometimes called a “salad” like “coleslaw” but I don’t think it stuck. Makar said that some guys have called him “juice” in the past, but don’t think so.

So what should his nickname be, folks?

By the way, this reminds me of the time we interviewed Carl Soderbergh when he signed with Avalanche and someone asked what his nickname was and he said it was just “Carl”.

If they’re not in concussion protocol, they’re almost always around the rink doing rehab and usually going to games and, yes, hanging out with teammates.

According to the team, he does not have a concussion. I know everyone doubts it, but Jared Bednar doesn’t lie about things, and he reiterated yesterday that it’s a lower-body injury.

Bednar said he’s making progress, but he’s still week-to-week with the injury. That’s all I got.

I said this on the site the other day, but I’m done playing Sherlock Holmes with no more Avalanche injuries. All I get is grief when I do it, so it’s not worth it to me anymore. They will come back when they come back.

It is a good question. I’m going to count players who previously had NHL positions as part of this answer, so here it goes.

Patrick Roy, Chris Drury, Joe Sakic, Brad Larsen, Dan Hinote, Adam Foote, Rob Blake, Steven Reinprecht, Nolan Pratt.

I didn’t include Alexey Gusarov and Adam Deadmarsh because they weren’t on the final roster for the cup. But they’ve also had NHL jobs.

Part of Altitude’s deal with having the rights to the Avalanche is that they have territorial rights in the Denver area to black out games. That’s exactly how it is.

Yes, I know everyone is frustrated with the Altitude/Comcast story. I will finally be ditching Comcast in the next eight days, by the way, when my contract is up. $244 a month for their Triple Play just got too much, especially when I can’t even watch a damn Avalanche game.

Never say never, but I don’t like Kaut’s chances of getting another meaningful opportunity with the Avalanche. I think the last straw may have been given with his recent demotion.

He can change all that with his game. But I don’t like the prospect of a long future with the Avalanche anymore. Jared Bednar, in fact, recently said: Kaut just wasn’t consistent enough when he was here.

I’d say Eric Johnson is right up there. He jokes around with a lot of teammates. Here’s an example that goes all the way back to 2013 with former AV Ryan “Sauce” Wilson.

It’s easy. Nathan McKinnon, golf. He is a zero golfer. Or at least he was.

Finally, many questions to summarize. Are the Avalanche looking for a center and what might the price be? Yes, I think they are looking for a center. How much that might cost is speculation at this point. I don’t really like to throw out names unless I hear from someone specifically that it’s there.

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