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Alex Ovechkin is one of the best goalscorers of all time. He’s scored high on all jerseys, whether it’s the white Screaming Eagle, the red Capital wordmark, or the blue W alternate sweaters.

But there’s something special about the Caps’ Reverse Retro 2.0 jersey this season. Not only do they look stunning on the ice, but the sweater is nostalgic for Ovi. It features the logo he wore as a rookie in the NHL flipped on the team’s black Capitol Dome jersey from the ’90s and ’00s.

In 2020, Ovi personally asked the Capitals to return the Screaming Eagle on Instagram.

“@capitals the best my first year 🙏🙏❤️️❤️️,” Ovechkin wrote. In the second comment, he added: “Let’s make it happen… say yes please… we all want it!”

The Capitals agreed to his request and two of their Reverse Retro jerseys.

In this year’s game, Ovechkin scored in every game he wore it, a staggering 11 goals in seven games. He also acquired an incredible story along the way.

Badges on the RR 2.0 jersey

  • Career goal no. 787 for most goals by a single franchise
  • Tied and passed Gordie Howe for second on NHL scoring list (Goals 801 and 802)
  • 30th career hat-trick
  • Scored 30th goal to tie NHL record for most 30-goal seasons (17)

Ovechkin ended his 7-game scoring streak with a first-round goal against the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday. At the first break, the Capitals captain admitted he wasn’t happy to see them go.

“Yeah, it’s sad that it will be our last game in this jersey,” Ovechkin told NBC Sports Washington’s Al Koken. “Hopefully they’ll think about it and bring it back next year.”

There is an opportunity for the team could bring them back. The Capitals’ blue W alternates are in their final season, so the Capitals could opt for the black Screaming Eagle sweaters as their third jersey next season.

We’ll just have to wait and see how the Capitals respond. For now, let’s just enjoy Ovie’s greatness in these sweaters. many things:

November 5 – Arizona Coyotes (1 goal)

At the beginning of November, the capital team played their first game in the sweaters, and Ovi scored the first goal in them. The goal gave Ovie 787 goals with one franchise, surpassing Gordie Howe’s record, which he set with the Detroit Red Wings.

November 24 – Calgary Flames (1 goal)

Sure enough, Ovi scored a jersey from his office. The Capitals captain beat Jakob Marstrom for the career goal. 791

December 9 – Seattle Kraken (1 goal)

Ovechkin evened former teammate Andre Burakovksi with an emphatic empty-net goal against the Seattle Kraken. The goal was the 796th of his career. The goal also marked Ovechkin’s 500th career goal at even strength (please don’t ask me to explain why this counts as an even goal). Only three players have hit the 500-goal mark: Wayne Gretzky (617), Gordie Howe (566) and Jaromir Jagr (500).

December 23 – Winnipeg Jets (2 goals)

Tonight, Ovechkin tied and then passed Gordie Howe for second on the NHL’s all-time scoring list. Here’s our incredible coverage of those goals.

This was the score of a draw. career goal no. 801

And this unremarkable empty net is what gave Ovie second place, career goal no. 802

December 31 – Montreal Canadiens (3 goals)

The Montreal Canadiens are trying their best under head coach Martin St. Louis, but they just weren’t good enough tonight. Ovechkin scored a hat-trick, the 30th of his career, and finished the game with the results of the 9th game of the Capitals. He then posed for pictures with the Canadiens players’ moms.

January 3 – Buffalo Sabers (2 goals)

Ovechkin followed up his hat trick against the Canadiens with two goals in a Screagle sweater against the Sabres. That made talented goaltending prospect Uko-Pekka Lukkonen the 167th career netminder Ovechkin has scored in his career. These were the 807th and 808th goals of Ovi’s career.

After the goal No. At 808, Ovechkin called out to his son Sergey, who was sitting along the boards.

January 14 – Philadelphia Flyers (1 goal)

Ovechkin capped off his stint in a Screagle sweater with an off-the-air deflection against the Flyers. The goal was the 810th of his career.

Header photo: Alan Dobbins/RMNB


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