Ahead of the Winter Classic, Bruins’ spirits soar with their families on the ice at Fenway Park

The recently retired Bruins legend was participating in an NHL video shoot that included a drone. Sitting in the second row of the press box, and holding a reporter’s laptop, ostensibly for a work scribe, Chara was asked to say, “Welcome to Boston,” to the flying camera. He only needed a few shots.

“This is what I’ve been working on for the last three months,” he joked about his acting skills. “Action. Cut!”

As the Bruins’ spirited practice rolled onto the ice, David Pastrnak Taking one-offs for TNT cameras, former Brue and current analyst Anson Carter passes by feeding him. Bruins families were checking in at Gate D, getting ready after family skate practice.

As many memories as the actual game will provide, players wanted to share this environment with their families on Sunday.

During the family skate, the Bergero and Foligno kids raced around the sheet when several other Spoked-B kids joined in. David Kreich He was walking slowly with his 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. Those who had children who were not yet able to walk carried them around. Young couples – AJ Greer, Jake DeBrusk with their girlfriends – holding hands and skating. Trent Frederick jokingly picked up a little Foligno and rubbed him against the glass.

There were parents, siblings, friends and other loved ones taking pictures. There was a mixed conga line, players, families and children. Even Anton Stralman, the veteran defenseman waived by the team in November, and his family have been skating. Smiles stretched from the Monster to Pesky’s pole.

“I just told my mom that I give her tons of credit. he raised one hell of a hockey player, but he can’t even skate,” a smiling Pastrnak said afterward in the Red Sox clubhouse. His mother, Marcela, arrived from the Czech Republic. “I haven’t seen him on the ice in a while,” Pastrnak said. “It was a nice family touch for my family and my daughter to skate there.”

Trainer Jim Montgomerywho has four children, ages 13 to 5, said she had an “attitude of gratitude” about the event.

“I think how many people have dreamed of being in the middle of Fenway Park and here we are,” he said. “I think about my boys and what it would mean for me to have that experience at this age.”

Parsnip has a Fenway green stick

Just like the 2019 Winter Classic at Notre Dame, Pastrnak will use a special stick.

Naturally, his Bauer model is wrapped in Fenway green, with images of the Green Monster and its scoreboard. It also has a logo David OrtizPastrnak’s own “DP88” logos and baseball are stitched on the side.

There’s also a “Pasta” emoji near the handle, and the nameplate has his name and number in Red Sox font.

“Obviously more detail this year.” said Pastrnak, who informed Bauer of his preferences. “I’m happy with how it turned out.”

Pastrnak’s skates carry the same motif, including baseball stitching on the back of the toe and heel.

The Bruins arrived at practice in their game uniforms, posed for photos and changed into white, black and gold jerseys. The coaches were dressed in the sweaters and scaly hats they will wear during the game.

Ice reports are favorable

The weather outside was warm, in the mid-50s as the Bruins prepared for practice at 1 p.m., and quite pleasant in the sun. Once in the shade, it was a good idea to get some hot cocoa.

Despite Saturday’s rain and balmy conditions (for New Year’s, anyway), the players hit the surface.

“I didn’t mind it,” Pastrnak said. “It’s a different sound when you’re skating than it is inside. I like the sound. The ice was good. I think [Monday] it’s going to be even better.”

Krejci called the ice “really good. I was surprised,” he said. “I’m not sure how well the people in the front rows, near the dugouts, will see. But it’s about experience. I think it’s going to be a great event.”

Some of the 100-person ice crew worked through the night, “pushing the water around,” he said. Derek King, NHL senior manager of facility operations and hockey operations. The sheet was covered until the Bruins took the ice, in shady conditions Monday at 1 p.m. They will lower the temperature on the glycol tubes that run under the ice sheet to harden the surface.

The forecast calls for sunshine and highs in the mid-50s. The sun will move from the first base to the Green Monster and will most likely shine on the players. It won’t be nearly as bad as the Bruins’ 2021 outdoor game in Lake Tahoe, which saw the players’ vision drenched by the sun during the first period. Pastrnak scored a memorable goal off a 2-on-1 pass Brad Marchandwho later said he had lunch because he couldn’t see the net.

The concern is that the sun reflects off the graphics on the ice and melts the soft spots on the sheet. To combat this, the NHL buried the graphics deeper under the ice.

“Our plan is to do an internship here [Sunday]King said. “Tonight we’ll cover up and watch the weather [Monday] … we will close it until the last minute.”

The wind is another matter. NHL staff, including Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell and tenured leader Stephen Walkom, will sit next to the penalty box, monitor play and communicate with officials and players. If conditions are unfavorable, the teams will switch end points at halftime as indicated by the horn. It doesn’t always go smoothly.

“Throughout our 30-plus games, we’ve had a few situations where we’ve been down two and the horn is gone,” he said. Chris King, senior vice president of hockey operations. “Football players know that. They are all aware of it. … Once we get going, most of the guys are just playing.”

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