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Back in November, when the Detroit Lions traded TJ Hockenson to their division rival Minnesota Vikings, the exact terms of the trade were not fully confirmed. While most of the lineup was confirmed, there was one pick that was contingent, meaning it could change depending on the performance of the game/player after the trade was made.

Here’s a reminder about the terms of trade.

Lions get.

  • Vikings 2023 second round pick
  • Vikings 2024 third round pick

The Vikings get.

  • TJ Hockenson
  • 2023 fourth round pick
  • Conditional 2024 fourth round pick

The condition, if the Vikings win a playoff game, would drop that conditional pick to a 2024 fifth-round pick. In other words, if the Vikings do well as a result of the trade, the Lions won’t have to send back as much trade capital as originally agreed upon. However, if the Vikings don’t win a playoff game, that pick will remain a 2024 fourth-round pick.

The Vikings played the New York Giants in the Wild Card round of the playoffs on Sunday night, and they lost. That means the pick will remain a fourth-round pick. The good news for Detroit is that the second-round pick will now be higher than if Minnesota had won. It’s not a lot, but that pick will now go 24th in the round (55th overall) instead of 25th to 32nd in the round. With the 6th, 18th and 48th picks, the Lions will have four picks in the top 60. Not so shabby.


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